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How is Data Center Helping Startups in India?


India is a promising land for all the start-up businesses and the success is surging country's economy. According to Nasscom, India ranks third among global start-up ecosystem with 4,000 plus modern industries in 2015. After the Digital India and Start-up India, Stand up India campaigns, new-age companies emerged rather rapidly in the country. For a country with 2.75 million developers, the rise in new organizations is kind of obvious and the growth in the number of developers was a result of an incredible increase in technology start-ups in India. With that, India stands second among the country with the highest number of developers after the US with 3.6 million.

It is predicted that by 2018, India will surpass the US by having more than 5 million developers. With such a massive number of developers, the country's startup count is increasing as well.

Tech solutions for startups

India has been clinched by an intense stream of startups. As these businesses are gaining popularity, the demand for its services is gradually increasing as well. From the technology perspective, these need a platform that can help smoothly run business operations, maintain records, while also effectively serve its customers and apparently, innovative IT services is set to be a game changer.

Startups need data center services to support their business and save it from crashing and other vulnerabilities. The Digital India is yet another initiative that requires technological assistance to successfully transform India into a digitally empowered society. Data center providers ensure to keep clients' mission-critical data safe within their well-equipped IT infrastructure.

How is data center helping startups?

IT services can give a big boost to startup firms in terms of technological stability. A well-funded startup business is likely to invest more in its IT needs such as purchasing high-end servers, effective software tools, database licenses etc. However, due to lack of funding most organizations are unable to afford expensive IT services and thus, stick to poor technological infrastructure with applications and software, resulting in business inefficiency. But now, there are several data centers in India offering cost-effective hosting services to meet the needs of small and mid-sized businesses.

One of the most reliable, stable, and economical option for startups is cloud computing because it offers the flexibility, and security required by startups at reasonable rates. Although organizations were previously reluctant to using cloud technology, the aim of standing a step ahead of its competitors is what's making them accept cloud as their mainstream technological approach.

Key features of cloud solutions:
  • Start ups can begin with small resources and then expand to meet the rapidly increasing demands.

  • A small budget is no worry because cloud services are highly economical and new enterprises can perform efficiently with fewer resources.

  • Agility, flexibility are the top advantages of cloud solutions as it enables a business to maintain pace and innovate with the quickly changing IT scenario.

In order to encourage the digital evolution and the needs of the start-up, leading cloud service providers such as Microsoft and IBM launched their infrastructure in India. "As we build out here and help India build this next-generation of ecosystem around these start-ups, guess what - innovation will happen and trust me, there will be a lot of us who will watch the industry, said Robert Le-Blanc, senior vice-president of IBM Cloud.

Few leading startup business in India

2015 was a year filled with business enthusiasm, rounds of enterprise funding, fluctuating market and a lot more. Many new entrepreneurs stepped inside and entered their brands on the list of successful enterprises. Despite all of this, there were few that achieved success against all odds; PayTM, Banbazaar, Ola, Oyo rooms, Grofers, GOQii. Airbnb, just to name few and these brands are expected to bring change and prevailing impact in the near future.


Data center in India have played an essential role in providing technological support to these emerging startups and it will continue to flourish its services. While entrepreneurs are spending on automating their business processes, data center are investing on improving their infrastructure. Given the vast growth of start-ups in India, data center will probably do great in the future.

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