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How is cloud a revolutionary concept?


In many cases, IT organizations blindly adopt cloud solutions without literal understanding in what ways the technology could actually benefit them. In a hush to increase business revenue, short-terms strategies are developed that fails to meet the evolving cloud services. Researches state that companies need to that different cloud service providers have their own kind of business models that work differently for different organizations. Thus, IT managers need to build up digital strategies that could seamlessly fit in the constantly changing cloud landscape.

Digital Transformation

Dr Will Venters, Assistant Professor of Information Systems at the London School of Economics, claims that instead of integrating a specific cloud solution into their IT infrastructures, companies must go on to develop fluid partnerships with a couple of other vendors. For example, a company can use cloud infrastructure of a particular provider, while integrating it with other cloud systems such as SaaS by another vendor. This could help strengthen business cloud platform.

His sole idea is that developing partnerships with multiple vendors can help organizations to not only streamline their operations, but also stretch the benefits to the entire business.

Adapting to the changing landscape

Businesses can acknowledge the evolution by creating business strategies after understanding the business models of cloud vendors. They need to interpret the service provider’s business models in order to determine how it would adapt in the future and whether or not it would align with the company’s strategies. Means even if the cloud technology evolves in the future, the vendor’s cloud services would ideally coordinate with the user’s business needs.

Venters said that cloud is not a final stage of digital transformation, but a revolutionary concept that merges business and IT strategies and CIOs need to keep that well in mind. Thus, he recommends that companies must ensure to develop plans that will result in long-term benefit.

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