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How can you perform the best data recovery?


We are always advised to back up our data because if anything goes wrong and there is a loss of data we can easily recover it. But there are some problems here, this advice is not acceptable by all. Losing data is a common scene around the world. As data loss occurs due to users faults, by accident or by systems issues. In the early stage it was impossible to get the permanently deleted data or formatted data back but with the help of advanced recovery tool it is possible now and has become easy to recover data easily and fast. Graphics files, videos, documents, emails applications can be easily retrieved by using advanced recovery tools. Data recovery is an easy process but it needs to perform properly. There many important things which are to be taken care of or you may lose data.

1. Don’ts: Never carry out any ‘write’ operations on the device or disk on which you are performing the retrieval process on. Write operation includes creating new files or deleting files from the disk. Avoid internet browsing or other system processes as it may lead to the creation of temporary files and can affect the proper retrieval of the data. Avoid editing, accessing or opening the data stored in the disk. See to it that the device is not formatted or reformatted again as this may lead to permanent removal of data from it and recovering those file would be impossible for you.

2. Choosing the Right Software: One of the most essential aspects of data recovery as the right recovery tool can make the whole process easier and can ensure the right recovery of your important data. While choosing the right recovery tool check for the features offered like what type data is can be recovered using it like graphic, documents, video files etc.. It should also include different recovery modes and types like lost partition retrieval, deleted data & recycle bin recovery, formatted disk recovery, etc. a tool that is compatible with Windows or Mac operating systems.

3. Choose the right recovery mode: The results depend upon the recovery tool mode chose to perform the whole operation. Every recovery mode is made to perform a specific kind of recovery. For example, formatted disk recovery mode is used only to recover from data from the formatted disk. If all these aspects are focused before and during the data recovery software. It is easy to get your data back in intact form. Data retrieval tool is very important for the enterprise as losing data can be expensive.

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