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How to achieve 100% Uptime on Cloud ?


In this Internet era, online availability is very important besides the physical presence. A website for business is a must in today's highly competing market environments. And maintaining the network uptime for the website is all the more important because downtime in server availability is as equal as to have no website at all. The businesses can not tolerate downtime on server platforms.

Web Werks understands that enterprises can't afford business going slow with the server downtime, so we make sure to provide zero downtime. We help businesses achieve 100% uptime on Cloud with our N+1 redundant resources, for Power supply, hardware and other such resources excluding some maintenance time including repairs, hardware replacements etc. We guarantee 99.99% server uptime as Service Level Agreement which is provided by only the industry leaders. We are customer-oriented organization with global standards and approach with our privately owned 2 data centers in US and 3 in India with all futuristic infrastructure including HVAC cooling and ventilation system, Cisco network security and FM200 fire suppression system.

Apart from the high redundancy, high security standards are also adopted by Web Werks. Our security methods include bio-metric login, encrypted access, no unauthorized entry, scanning machine, security alarms, video surveillance, constant monitoring with well trained security staffs positioned at different points in the data centers. This enables in keeping away any unwanted access and interruption helping us to deliver nearly 100% uptime on cloud.

Moreover, Web Werks offers both Private and Public cloud platform for hosting your data along with varied services range like Cloud email solutions, cloud load-balancers, cloud storage etc. data base cloud services.

We have expert professionals as part of our rapid action support team which is available around the clock 24x365 to help you with any technical support related to maintenance and normal functioning of your web.

Web Werks is one of the leading cloud hosting providers in India because of its ability to manage the mission critical business applications with its futuristic methodologies and technologies.

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