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A Hosting Provider can boost your SEO efforts.


With SEO algorithm rapidly advancing, changing and growing, it becomes extremely difficult to state which all factors will boost up your SEO efforts. Yes, few factors such as keywords and links are obvious. But apart from this even your hosting provider can influence your SEO ranking. A web hosting provider neither boost your ranking nor attracts more traffic. Then you must think, why am I saying that a hosting provider affects SEO efforts! In this blog, we discuss what the significance of hosting in relevance to SEO and how you can enhance your ranking by choosing a right website hosting provider.

Security of your website is extremely crucial. Not only for Google ranking as well as for better experience and safety of a visitor. In case your website is not safe, it will affect your website in multiple ways. Remember, search engines don’t want to direct their users to a website which is infected with malware or are associated with spams. A well-designed website will help you to prevent it from being victimized, however, it’s only half of the battle. The other half battle can be won by choosing a right hosting provider. Before making a commitment kindly ensure that your host has most secure infrastructure and methods.

Location of your server is also important. When it comes to SEO, we will advise you to locate your servers somewhere nearby to you and your target audience. Search engine prioritizes websites based upon region in order to localize result. The simple example of this is that when you search for a cake shop on Google. It usually filters the result and shows you the shops which are located nearby. In simple words, the closer you are to your hosting provider, the higher the chances you will appear in your area. Yes, it may be a difficult task to find a hosting provider nearby, but if not near then try to find somebody close by. Few web hosting providers have data centers in different areas as well. So talk before placing a server. Apart from getting prioritized by the search engine, the responsiveness of your website will also get enhanced.

Server performance is also a major element. It can make or break your SEO. Server performance includes speed and downtime. Google penalizes the website which has slow loading speeds and which suffers from downtime. Most of the web hosting providers offer high percentages of uptime. Web Werks the leading data centers providers in India guarantees 99.995% uptime. As far as loading speed is concerned to opt for a design that enhances your speed. However, sometimes even shared hosting can lead to low performance. That’s why we personally suggest dedicated servers if server performance is crucial for you. These are main elements that pertain to your hosting provider and may damage the SEO of your website if not handled properly. Kindly remember, a good SEO will bloom your business but you have to ensure that your website is optimized properly. Start with a good hosting provider and keep on optimizing your website. With these overall efforts, you can make it to the first page. All the best. Let us you know your thoughts on this blog in the comment section.

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