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The Growing Popularity of Green data Centers


The color green has forever been associated with prosperity and nature. But in today’s technologically advancing world, the color signifies environment-friendly or green energy. Data centers are moving towards renewable and efficient energy practices. It is necessary, as Industries in all sectors are moving towards more environmentally friendly alternatives. Moving towards green alternatives is helping data centers win more customers. According to recent research by Forbes, it is deemed that India’s cloud market is set to be around $4.1 Billion around the year 2020. This is due to the fact that the infrastructure is improving drastically and power-outages have become less common, even in the remotest parts of the country. Data centers are taking greener initiatives to meet the rising demand in India. But for data centers to provide green energy, it is necessary that they include equipment that allows the same. A green data center is basically just like any other data center, but its mechanics, electric usage, lighting, and computer systems are designed to provide maximum efficiency and minimum environmental damage. To build a green data center it is necessary that even more advanced equipment is used. Here are a few types of equipment that makes a data center green:

  • Installing catalytic converters on backup generators
  • Include Waste recycling
  • Look for a sustainable landscape
  • Minimize building footprints
  • Inclusion of environment-friendly technologies like heat pumps, evaporative cooling, and photovoltaics

Inclusion of these sophisticated technologies might look costly upfront, but long-term cost-savings are much higher. Moreover, these facilities are much healthier and comfortable for employees along with the minimal environmental risks that they cause. Building more data centers that are environmentally friendly will also help the government curb the damage to the surroundings.

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