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The Future of the Data Center in the Cloud Era


The storm of demand for cloud services is increasing the pressure on data centers to extend their space to address the emerging needs. The role IT manager play now is likely going to change with the client's cloud-based requirements. Adoption of cloud-based solution is growing rapidly given the flexibility, scalability and agility it offers to customers. Moreover, it is expected that by the end of this year, organizations will spend three times on cloud services. Does this means the end of in-house data centers?

While there are still questions being raised about the future of data center in the cloud era, data center operators will have to find ways to stand this evolving and demanding nature. Organizations are rethinking the amount of IT infrastructures they possess and the areas they are located, while others are still assessing whether they need data centers at all. Data centers can remain as competitive as ever in this changing IT world by harnessing new technologies to develop a productive and scalable advanced data centers with the flexibility to adapt ever-changing business requirements, while keeping IT expenditure low.

Cloud computing has become mainstream and thus, opinion related to the future of IT infrastructure is debated. Many experts and analysts have predicted that organizations building and operating in-house data centers is limited. It is also expected that private cloud will dominate the market, while a few less important data will run in public cloud. However, with a big chunk of expenditure being spent only on data centers and operations, cloud seems to be more reasonable option. With all the benefits cloud services offer, most organizations are moving their data and applications to the cloud. What traditional infrastructures need to do here is cope up with the growing demands and maintain its value in the market. Organizations need next-level technology and data center operators must ensure that the demands are met.

With all that said, it's essential for data center operators to remain proactive and discover new opportunities and challenges in order to make decisions on real-time basis regarding developing advanced next-generation IT infrastructure.

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