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Frequently Asked Questions at the Gartner IT Symposium 2022, Kochi


As today’s networks get more complex and even more distributed, the demand for Data Centers is starting to go through a dramatic shift. Availability remains the top priority, especially in Edge infrastructures, but the need to bring in low latency at all ends of the spectrum is rising manifold.

This essentially is driven by the increased investment in smart cities, equal distribution of energy resources, support for e-Commerce and telehealth, reliance on remote work, the rollout of 5G, and an increased proliferation of IoT devices .

As a result, various companies are finally embracing integrated systems that give them the space for modular capacity additions, seamless interconnection, and round-the-globe accelerators, ensuring massive momentum.

As leaders in the Data Center industry, Team Web Werks - Iron Mountain Data Centers (IMDC) were invited to explore this evolving technology landscape at the Gartner IT Symposium 2022. The 3-day conference at Kochi was held to understand the best practices and next steps in accelerating digital businesses, data security, analytics, AI, executive leadership, and more.

CIOs, CISOs, Chief Data and Chief Analytics Officers, Senior Application Leaders, along with VPs of IT Infrastructure and Operations from a diverse set of industries, came together to discover future directions, strategies for success and critical execution in the field of Enterprise Information Technology. 14 key topics, such as trendspotting, the new value propositions for CIOs, and the hype cycle for Cloud computing, among many others, were put on the dais.

The event gave us the great opportunity to connect with some of the most prominent and path-breaking experts in the field of IT, helping us make a difference with the recognition of breakthrough technologies, high-performing talent and collaborative leadership.

Here are a few questions that were addressed by our team:

Insights Through Interactions

Q: How can an Enterprise create a balanced load between different networks? On-premises, Private, Public, Co-located, Hyperscale and many other options are available. How do we find the right fit for our organisation?

A: It all starts with identifying a strategic partner that cohesively supports the organisation’s digital strategy. Some key factors to look for are best-in-class hosting infrastructure, Data Center-as-a-Service (DCaaS), seamless connection across disparate environments, reliability, uptime and long-term goals of technical innovation, geographical expansion, and sustainability.

For instance, when it comes to Web Werks - IMDC, we offer a nationwide and global platform for enterprises to help CIOs combat the infrastructure challenges posed by rapid growth and the shift to always-on business models. Our Data Centers are operational in Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, and Pune, with more coming up in Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai. Plus, our JV with IMDC expands our reach to a global landscape with Data Centers across APAC, UK, Europe, and the US.

Large enterprises comprise of extensive operations on a day-to-day basis which makes them feel the need to redefine their portfolios, build margins, alter architectures and establish themselves in a strong market and cost position. With Web Werks – IMDC, businesses get all the Cloud computing services under a single roof which consists of advanced Colocation services, the densest interconnection ecosystem, ease of migration, and 24x7x365 support. We offer a Cloud-ready operating model which brings in simplicity, quick implementation options and easy adoptions, empowering businesses with dynamic operational agility and business resilience.

Q: Let’s say the data is distributed across various environments. How can an enterprise ensure a streamlined exchange of information to multiple devices, collaborators, partners, customers and platforms in such cases? How does Web Werks approach this gap?

A: With applications, workloads and data spread across various on-premises, off-premises and traditional environments, the interdependencies are all set to surge intensely in the coming years. This results in the need to orchestrate and integrate the applications and data for manageability and cost efficacy—complex applications and data landscape fuel the ask for flexible and secure connections to the ecosystems.

Web Werks – IMDC offers a robust Cloud-ready platform named ‘Web Werks VMX’. It is an enterprise-class Cloud ecosystem that has been designed to withstand the most demanding workloads, requiring a secure and compliant operational framework with in-built benefits for network and storage. We offer the choice of network partners that offer a great throughput and low latency, backed by a superior system performance that instantly delivers data to business applications. Customers can choose from a broad range of IP transit providers, peering exchanges,Cloud-on-ramp services, metro connectivity, SD-WAN services, physical as well as virtual cross-connects, and a wide gamut of managed services.

Q: Are connectivity and availability so interrelated now that they are synonymous with each other in the Data Center industry? How much onus needs to be placed on a DC provider for offering data on demand across different geographies?

A: An interconnection partner that helps in collaborating with Cloud, Internet Exchanges, and the broader ecosystem are pivotal! The interconnection of applications, businesses, and Clouds mandates the readiness of digital infrastructure, enabling availability, agility, resilience and flexibility.

To ensure application performance and reliability alongside a connectivity model to access public and private services, Web Werks has outlined a blueprint of the most connected DCs in India and abroad through IMDC. It offers connectivity to all large carriers, ISPs, Internet Exchanges, and Cloud providers.

From an enterprise’s perspective, there are three areas that need to be covered by their DC provider.

1. Hybrid Multi-Cloud Connectivity

Create a network with flexible and scalable connections between Cloud providers. These can be forged through multiple locations via Software-Defined Networks (SDN).

2. Edge and Branch Connectivity

Extend the overall reach of your digital infrastructure to the Edge and branch locations with secure, flexible connections to SD-WAN service providers.

3. Digital Value Chain Connectivity

Build an optimised network for digital services with scalable, low-latency connections to your value-chain service providers and partners both in the Public Cloud and in the Data Center.

Q: How are Data Centers becoming more holistic in terms of offering data and management services? How does that create an advantage for enterprises building the future of IT?

A: Today, the integration of multiple providers under one roof ensures a low-latency environment that can be harnessed for availability.

At Web Werks - IMDC, Data Center-as-a-Service (DCaaS) plays this role offering the entire gamut of core infrastructure and value-added services, thus helping Indian organisations scale faster by accelerating their Digital Transformation and Cloud On-ramp initiatives. Furthermore, our Joint Venture with IMDC gives enterprises a global reach through DCs located in globally.

Under DCaaS, we bring retail and wholesale Colocation with remote hands and Colocation management services. When it comes to the Cloud, Dedicated Servers, Single-tenant Cloud, Multi-tenant Cloud and Cloud Management services are custom designed for optimal network performance. Even value-added services are a part of DCaaS, including data protection through Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) and storage management, backup & recovery, security & compliance, interconnection services, and other managed services.

By outsourcing to a service provider like Web Werks - IMDC, organisations can resolve logistical and fiscal challenges related to their Data Centers in one go.

To learn more about our wide gamut of services, please visit or get in touch with us at +91 7506846918.

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