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Is FM-200 best for Fire Suppression System in Data Centers


Data centers are the modern IT infrastructure facility to host networked computing servers, for storing and hosting the data of different organizations. It allows the enterprises to manage and distribute the information of businesses. In a nutshell, data center serve as one-stop solution for entire IT and web hosting needs of enterprises.

Since the data centers store and host mission critical data of enterprises, so even a little of mishap may lead to major loss. Organizations today depend upon their websites, hence server availability is crucial for their businesses. It also accounts for total efficiency and productivity of any enterprise. Therefore, it is a must for any data center to be equipped with proper disaster recovery systems. A proper disaster management plan, advanced and well-maintained disaster control equipment may lessen the impact of any disaster, enabling business continuity for the organizations.

The data centers have greater chances of catching fire as there is too much heat emissions from servers. Moreover, there are electronic circuits, chips and plenty of things that may lead to an ignition (if went unnoticed) and then a storm of fire. But with proper disaster recovery equipment and mechanisms in place, such mishap can be waived off. One of the best fire suppression systems for data centers is FM-200. Let's understand about it in detail.

What is FM-200 fire suppression system?

FM-200 fire suppression system uses gas-based components which suppresses the fire within 10 seconds, reducing the risk levels of mishap. The impact of fire is controlled with its quick extinguishing system and it saves any big damage or loss.

Why FM-200 fire suppression system is the best for data centers?
  1. It is a water-less system which is again an advantage as it will not result into post-suppression leftover cleaning hassles.
  2. Easy-to-handle during the mishap, one doesn't need to have any expert technical know-how for operating it. A simple gas discharge from the nozzles will control the fire in seconds.
  3. It works very fast in extinguishing the fire due to which fire doesn't spread
  4. It's a very convenient to store, neither it occupies much space nor needs much maintenance efforts
  5. It causes no hazard to environment

All these advantageous features of FM-200 fire suppression system makes it the best for data center facilities.

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