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On the fly data center optimization without affecting finances


On-the-fly data centers have evolved in the wake of wireless network technologies, that has enabled mobility and the modern communication-on-the-move made possible. Data centers have become the focal point of all the technologies because today communication is entirely dependent on data centers. This is why IT professionals are constantly looking for innovative ways to make data centers more efficient.

Here are few ways to optimize on-the-fly data centers without affecting finances

Hypervisors: The latest hypervisors have much more capabilities than other traditional technologies. It can connect APIs which balance the workload and optimize resources. Another great advantage of hypervisor is that no more hardware are required, instead software oriented technologies allow the administrators to achieve Data center optimization.

The virtualization of network enables the users to create various network environment that host data of different clients. Data center resources are optimized without hurting the finances.

Cloud computing: Cloud models has taken the data center optimization to the next level. Specially with hybrid cloud, attaining DC optimization goals is quite popular. Integrating the benefits of private cloud and public cloud environment has now become more convenient. Switching the infrastructure between different cloud models is easily done through data center control. The hybrid cloud has logical pricing terms and it's highly effective way of optimizing the on-the-fly data center.

Energy efficiency: Taking the data centers to more power-efficient locations will extend the possibilities of receiving green power supply. Moreover, there are many such locations where the power-as-infrastructure is available at a very low cost (compared to other regions) specially for industries consuming more power. This subsides many costs, directly reducing the price, which will attract many more clients. So this is the best way to optimize on-the-fly data centers by locating them to power-efficient areas with modern infrastructure.

Efficient Cooling: Keeping the data center cool and properly ventilated involves another lot of energy consuming equipment. However, with appropriate rack placement, apt server spacing, aisle control, using latest cooling methods etc. can optimize the energy consumption in the facility. Improved and efficient cooling also subsides the maintenance and operational costs.

Maintenance and governance: A good maintenance and management always makes the data center an energy-efficient facility. Employing concepts like cloud control, DCIM etc. are also significant in Data Center optimization without affecting the finances.

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