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Few Habits of Highly Effective Big Data Users


Other than cloud solutions, Big Data is the new jargon in the technology domain. For many, big data seems like a heavy investment considering the amount of resources it requires such as a team of data scientists, buying high-end software, and enforcing new marketing tactics. This might make it seem that managing data analytics as a challenging task, but controlling the power of big data is approachable and practical for both profit and non-profit organizations with budgets of all sizes.

Although we're still struggling with the concept of Big Data and its application in the financial world for data management, a Forbes' contributor makes this a lot interesting by introducing the popular book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey and picking up the lessons to better explain the approach to apply big data analytics for users, analysts, developers and others.

Begin With No End In Mind

This states that we must never begin activities with an end objective in mind. As big data is a place where practically boundless data generation exits and this means that we would never be able to figure out what analytics we might perform next and what insight it may bring in any company.

Be Proactive, Pragmatic, Progressive & Persuasive

So how these terms fit in right here? Being proactive means the big data analyst has to keep an eye on the new emerging trends that no one else has yet discovered in their set of data. Certain data holds great value for business and being pragmatic can help identify the key information that could be beneficial for business. Progressive attitude is essential for bringing to light the insight and persuasive for upselling the worth of that data.

Be Technology Toolset Agnostic

This points out that big data analysts, manager, user must have an open state of mind. That means being open to openness to programming and coding, development of software applications, and am openness to toolsets used in terms of analytics.

Take Big Data Anywhere

Big data can be used absolutely anywhere, and analysts dealing with this are clear about this fact. From scenario implementation to industry, it can be used anywhere. Furthermore, to keep a record of the hygiene products such as soap, air freshener, paper towels etc. Austrian hygiene company Hagleitner has actually used sensors and SAP HANA big data analysis. As a result, the organization has a swift change in its business model.

Keep A Wide Open Path For Big Data

While most of the discussions on Big Data end up being about creating insights or making its worth business and such additional business talking, we often overlook that there are more aspects to Big Data such that is highly scalable. Big Data is a scalable platform that has always been matching pace with the rather rapidly growing amount of data.

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