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Few Cloud EMR Features You Can't Afford to Overlook


Although a medical practice's Electronic Health Records (EHR) is extensive and feature-rich, at some point in time it will have to be upgraded or replaced. According to experts, a considerable amount of healthcare organizations are functioning with outdated EHR systems that has resulted in operational inefficiency. To simply these complicated procedure of processing data, these medical practices are looking for options that can facilitate the efficient management of their patient's records.

Now cloud is playing its part in assisting organizations make a shift from legacy systems to more sophisticated set of technology. When you're choosing a cloud-based solution for maintaining healthcare records, there are several essential things that you need to put light on. For instance, finding out how cloud can be more constructive than the on-premise IT. As cloud services are rather different from the on-site IT, there are multiple aspects that needs to be considered. Few of them are mentioned below:

  • Scalability: The ability to scale legacy resources as per requirements without impacting existing applications or requiring major alterations, is Cloud EHRs one of the most recognized and finest feature. It allows you to add resources or upgrade the current hardware effortlessly as for the practices that requires a line of duty and staff involvement. Even though it offers the flexibility to scale up resources, interoperability is another factors that needs to be looked upon as chances are it may be compromised if additional components are added to an EHR. If interoperability issues occur, it may cause information silos in the environment, thus contradicting scalability advantages.
  • Better bandwidth and connectivity: In order to access data located on cloud servers, you require high-speed network connectivity and thus, you need to ensure that your cloud service provider offer better bandwidth and internet connection. If you operate on poor network services, you may find it difficult using the electronic data as it can cause the system to slow down or might also result in outage. Healthcare organizations must ask their cloud-based EHR vendor about the type of bandwidth that would best suit their requirements under heavy usage.

  • Security standards: Security and privacy always stands as a major concern while choosing any web hosting or data center solution, and cloud is no exception. As cloud-based systems depend on retrieving and accessing data and information from an offsite area. Implementing the right security measures can reduce potential risk factors and prior to that it is crucial to select the right vendor whose security services can ideally fit in your IT needs.

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