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Evolution of Server Technologies, Providers and Best Practices


Technology is ever-changing with the growing needs. Today has the scenario that new technology becomes outdated within 3 months. What is new today is obsolete tomorrow. Server technology too has seen the continuous evolution.

Evolution of Server technologies

It was in the decades of 80's when internet technology was in its nascent phase, there grew the need for machine for data hosting, and then server technology was introduced. Earlier there were server rooms within the enterprises, but gradually with the popularization and rapid usage of internet, need for website hosting arose. Adding to it, even social media and online networking came into existence, and the demand for web server hosting grew extensively. In the beginning, there were rack positioned servers in the cool aisles, while today, it has evolved to big data centers with controlled climate using HVAC technologies and highly advanced multi-layered security protocols. As they say “need is the mother of invention” so, when the traditional storage systems were found inefficient and unfulfilling in terms of performance, Virtual Server Technology was discovered. The face of server technology got changed with the introduction of virtualization. It leverages the capabilities of server from computing to networking as well as storage.

Evolution of Server technology providers

With the changing server technology, the providers too have evolved. From an enterprise-specific server room to data center, the entire web server hosting industry has changed. Today, there are an array of web hosting options in terms of machine, physical space, virtual space, instances and components. It wasn't the same earlier. Now the web hosting services are even customized to suit the web needs of the enterprises, which actually depend upon their scale of operation.

Evolution of Server technology best practices

Earlier there were limited web hosting providers, but now internet is part of everyone's life so, there are numerous server providers. So, the server technology practices have evolved from 'just choosing the best suitable server' to 'completely screening the web server provider.' Today you need to ensure the web server provider offers best services in terms of :

  • High server availability
  • Network uptime SLA
  • Degree of network and data security
  • Disaster management services
  • Redundant infrastructure
  • 24x7 technical support
  • Scalability
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