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Enhancing Website Performance with CDN


Is your website too sluggish? Slow websites usually turn away customers because users are always out there looking for pages that load quickly and allow them to access the web content in no time. Add speed to your checklist when you plan to design a website, as it is a crucial component to building a new online platform.

It really doesn’t matter what website you run online, as far as own one, you need to deliver site with excellent speed. You don’t want your customers to wait and watch the loading icon for long. They will dump your site and move to find an alternate, which will in the end, increase bounce rate. So no wonder how well and aesthetically pleasing your website is, it’s of no use unless it meets the obligatory loading time.

Web Ranking

Not to forget that Google is always in search of websites that stands high when it comes to user friendliness. If you are among those with latency problem, your Search Engine ranking will be hurt, too. However, there is an option that can help enhance website performance.

Consolidating Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Finally, the solution to your painful website issue is a Content Delivery Network. The service spreads websites load on different sets of networks, distributed globally that manages the requests sent by user by delivering content promptly. For example, when a web browser sends out request, it reaches an edge server, which is a mediator between the user’s web browser and origin server. The edge server checks for the cached content and then provides it to the user, thus speeding up the process of content delivery. CDN are a great source if you want to target international audience.

Implementing CDN for your website

CDN is not rocket science, so it’s quite simple to understand and implement. Not you, but your service provider will set up a CDN, which involves a few simple steps that is completed in relatively lesser time. All you need to do is find a reliable service provider. Some companies provide great deals for new sign ups, so make sure to get the best value for money. Further, your CDN service provider will look upon everything. Deploying CDN with Werks is easy and quick. Simply state your requirements and we will do it for you.

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