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Enabling Enterprise mobility within Data Centers


Enterprise mobility is the concept where the employees no longer need to work within the four walls of offices to keep connected as team. Now everything is mobile and still integrated, available and connected through applications, instant messaging, mails etc. It means the employees can work from wherever they want. Enterprise mobility offers agility, affordability and other advantages to both employees as well as the organization.

Enabling Enterprise mobility within Data Centers

“Bring Your Own Device” is a popular concept where the personal devices like laptop, iPad or any other mobile device is used for business purpose. In fact, users are accessing corporate data from more than one web-based device. They are using their laptops, smartphone as well as tablets. It optimizes the capabilities of devices and also result in improved productivity of the employees. All the important business applications and software are installed on these personal devices for the employees to use and access them. There are millions of applications being developed to support enterprise workflow on mobile devices. Today, it's all about applications. To make our jobs easier, there are several dynamic applications which also adds flexibility and agility to the enterprise workflow.

However there is a need for strong security control to maintain a balance between personal and professional usage of resources. The IT administrators should look for the ways to limit the access to the applications and data to manage the enterprise mobility. Security can be ensured by controlling the access into the enterprise network.

BYOD is highly cost-efficient and it saves huge money. In fact it requires very less investment, as there is no need of investing a capital to buy the devices for employees. The future will see the massive capabilities of data centers and cloud coming together in the form of enterprise mobility within the data centers. In other words, all the IT systems will be integrated with the consumer technologies.

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