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eCommerce Hosting: All About Choosing the Right Web Host


If you are running an e-commerce business or planning to start one, the most important decision you need to take is regarding the data center solutions provider. The reason behind this is that your primary store exists on the web, so if by any chance server goes down, your store is lost, meaning sales opportunities lost. There are many numerous things you need to be wary of while choosing the right web host for your e-commerce hosting:

Security and PCI Certifications: Apart from the server and network availability, security is a prime concern for eCommerce businesses because you need to ensure secured online transactions for your customers. Your web host must have highest levels of PCI (Payment card industry) compliance to ensure secure payment gateway at your website.

Uptime Guarantee: The web host which provides 99.995% uptime SLA guarantee should be the ideal choice because only then you will be assured that your e-commerce website will always be up and available.

Support: Technical issues, error or downtime should be fixed immediately for an e-commerce website because once your business is online, your customer-spread becomes global. So make sure the tech-support team of your provider is available 24x7x365.

Data center Tiers: Tier III and Tier IV data centers will be ideal for an eCommerce business. Nothing lesser than a Tier III data center should host your website. Tiers of data centers define how redundant infrastructure they provide and what uptime SLA they can offer.

Geographical spread and CDN services: Choose the web host that has got data centers at different locations because it accelerates the loading speed of a website. Moreover, CDN services will speed up overall content delivery to the users from any part of the world.

Scalability: Make sure your web hosting provider is future-ready and allows resource scalability so that you can get services easily added up or canceled according to your fluctuating business needs.

These are just a few important points. You need to be very careful while choosing a web host and prepare a detailed checklist to choose the best-fitting one for YOUR business.

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