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Does regular backup cause internet slowdown?


So, you have been backing up your content regularly, or maybe you’ve just put auto-backup as a default on your computer. Well, since the introduction of cloud storage, it has become quite convenient for users to backup their data from time to time. Cloud backup becomes extremely handy during catastrophic situations, say, for instance, a device was completely destroyed in an accident. A backup ensures that all the data is safely stored, no matter what the situation is. But have you ever wondered, there are around 3.2 billion internet users in the world and even if half of the regularly backup their data, there is so much content uploaded on the internet?

Does this mean that constant data uploading causes the internet to slow down? Generally, you won’t notice any drops in internet speed no matter how regularly you back up data. In cases where your initial data is already uploaded and you are normally browsing the web, video streaming, etc. you will not complain about slow internet. As far as data backup is concerned, the backup software will keep a track of changes in your data and updates only the changes, your entire data is not backed-up time and again. In simple words, suppose a situation where you had initially backed up 100GB of data on Monday and made 10GB of data changes on Tuesday, in this case only the 10GB of changes will be updated on the backup cloud. So, after updating the change the previously saved data is in sync with the new changes on your computer data. With another example, suppose you have a file with all your favorite music and you add another album, then only the new file is updated on the backup. Technically it is a bit more complicated than this, but this is what basically happens when you are backing up. Some newer applications also allow users to control bandwidth to limit the upload rates or to the only backup when the computer is not in use. So, that’s all you need to know about back up services and internet speed. And yes, never forget, “Always have a backup plan”- Mila Kunis

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