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Do you need Global Traffic Director Services?


The web world is enormous. Millions of users keep requesting multimedia content and the website owners need to ensure responsiveness to user requests. Users demand fast and reliable web access, and we surely apprehend the necessity of delivering great speed and better experience. Slow and steady websites won't just do.

Technically speaking, Global Traffic Director is a data center service designed to ensure high-availability and address user query by responding to it in real-time. The cloud-based management tool is fully fault-tolerant that allows IT, administrator, to optimize traffic flow based on the geographical location. It further functions to establish the best internet route to deliver the content requested by users. In simple words, the management tool responds speedily to content requested from any user, irrespective of their location or the device they're using to access the web page.

Do I need Global Traffic Director Service?

If you experience traffic to your website from the global audience, then certainly you need to deploy Global Traffic Director Service. Let's make this more clear with an example. For instance, if the website is driving requests from the US, you can configure your servers based in the region to respond to the queries. This management approach provides faster services by delivering relevant content in real time.

What are its benefits?
  • Improved Performance: The traffic is distributed among multiple servers, so a single server is not responsible for managing the overall networks, which further enhances performance level.
  • Faster access: Segmenting global traffic promotes faster access to your cloud servers and related data services, directly resulting in improved ROI.
  • Fault-tolerant infrastructure: Administrators can integrate the management tool with load-balancing and DNS to boost maximum up-time and make the networks highly redundant.
  • Web Werks offer Global Traffic Director Service that ensures to optimize availability and improve web performance so users can reach to your site rather quickly. Get in touch with us to know more about our services.
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