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Digital Business - The Dark Side


Digital Business - The Dark Side

With the advent of internet, the ways of communications and business processes have transformed drastically. Digitalization has changed the face of society. People are now remotely connected 24x7 which was not possible before. Digitalization has eliminated the barriers of distance.

But as they say every coin has two sides - so, apart from these many advantages, digital business comes with some serious challenges. It poses the risks of cyber crimes, sensitive data theft and major security threats.

The society today, is more inclined, engaged in the links of digital world. People have got various digital platforms to share their opinions. Digitalization has gifted the world with a parallel virtual life- in the posts, likes, comment, shares of Facebook, micro-blogging with twitter and through many other forms of social media. This has opened up the communication which is a good thing but its adverse effects can be seen as cyber security cases, criminal online activities as well as social media wars too.

Let’s take a little closer look to the dark side of digital technology
  • Digital business poses information security threats

    Digitalization has ruined privacy. With internet communications, online transactions, education, profession, socialization, everything is digital. All the sensitive information, private and confidential data etc. at risk of getting exposed. It has completely ruined privacy.

  • Security practices and solutions to overcome the challenges of digital business

    To prevent the adversity of digital technology in businesses, there are several security solutions. Technologies like constant network monitoring and surveillance for all kinds of online activities, biometric database and other security technology collaborations. Moreover, the cyber law amendments are also their to prevent from the security challenges of digital business.


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