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Difference between Tier III and Tier IV data center facilities in India


Difference between Tier III and Tier IV data center facilities in India

When internet technology was new to the world, the data were less to be stored in a server room with controlled environment. But as soon as internet gained massive popularization with dot com boom, data and content mounted to a heap. It revolutionized the computing industry and concept of data centers came into existence because companies started looking for fast and uninterrupted web presence. Data centers are the physically located infrastructure where the web service providers offer range of computing and hosting solutions to businesses. Storage options are available as racks, cabinets and even rooms for spacious accommodation of servers, in addition to networking components, processors and other computing machines.

A data center is not an usual building, it hosts critical business data which are invaluable to the organizations. Constant cooling needs to be maintained at the data centers for efficient functioning of multiple servers stored there. This requires a special set up and design along with a very strong security and monitoring system.

Data centers have been categorized in 4 different Tiers, depending upon the level of technological infrastructure, IT equipment, resources, cooling, ventilation, redundancy, back up services etc. 'Tier' in data center terminology represents the network availability level, error or failure chances, degree of security, preparedness to avoid the impact of any disaster.

Tier 4 scores the highest on all the above-mentioned spectrum. It uses the most contemporary infrastructure and technologies, thus offers the highest percentage of server Uptime.

Let's see how TIER IV data center facility is different from TIER III data center







Interruption chances

1.6 hours/year

0.8 hours/year

Power supply



*N here denotes to the amount of regular need, while +1 means the back up options ready for managing the redundancy and failover. Although, Tier III data centers do not match the possibilities of Tier IV data centers. However, hosting at Tier III data centers in India will be the ideal choice for small and medium enterprises because they are fully capable to deliver the best IT results at the best price. Tier IV data center in India meets the highest standards of heating, cooling and ventilation with modern HVAC systems. The security system is also very strong, quilted with multiple layers of monitoring and surveillance. Tier IV data center facility has server architecture, components and fully fault-proven infrastructure. Moreover, the technology of hot swapping (upgrading or replacing broken component without any server interruption) makes tier IV data center the most reliable infrastructure for fast and reliable web experience. There are very few providers of tier IV data centers in India. Web Werks has a TIER III and TIER IV data centers in India. For More Information, you can contact us via https://www.webwerks.in/

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