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Difference between Colocation Hosting and Dedicated Servers


Host your internet infrastructure, server and web services with the best IT solutions providers at state-of-art data centers in India to ensure best business results. With the growing needs of web services, the IT service providers have various hosting service options to meet the It needs of each enterprise, irrespective of their scale of operations. Although, choosing between these services may be a daunting task for CIOs. Below is the comparison of dedicated servers and colocation hosting to help you understand whether to own or rent the service.

Dedicated server hosting and colocation services
  • Definition:

    Dedicated server is the web hosting option where a server is entirely dedicated to a single client. In other words, dedicated server hosting solution is reserved for one client and is not shared with anyone else.

    Colocation Hosting on the other hand is all about co-locating the client's server by utilizing the space in data center in India.

  • Functionality:

    In dedicated server hosting solution, a data center leases one entire server to a single client, not sharing it with anyone else. The user has complete control on choice of OS, storage, hardware and other such components. It guarantees fast speed, higher levels of availability and greater degree of uptime as there is no sharing of the server. The user experiences excellent web performance and can be able to concentrate on his core business, ultimately resulting into the accelerated growth of his enterprise.

    In colocation, the client owns the server and determines each of its configuration components right from its storage, hardware, memory CPU, processor to everything. But if this server is housed in typical office environment, it will soon lead to failures. So, to avoid such faults, colocation is the data center service to protect the server from any physical damage. In data center's controlled cooling and ventilated settings, in addition to power back ups and multi-layered security system, the client can easily co-locate the server just by renting the space in the facility. The space can either be as small as rack, a cabinet or even as large as a room.

  • Cost-efficiency:

    The price for dedicated server lease is higher than other data center service. But, it's cost efficient as the price per performance is low, i.e. it's completely value for money. Colocation server hosting needs one time investment in buying the server and then just paying the monthly rental fees for space in the data center.

  • Preference:

    If you have greater web needs, huge web traffic and you can't afford to make large capital investment in buying a server, then dedicated server provider is the best option for you, by only paying monthly lease. You not only take advantages of their excellent infrastructure, hardware, servers, security facilities but also their versed and reliable expertise in data center India.

    If you want to buy the server and decide its components according to your wish, in other words if you want to exercise full control over your server, Co-location hosting is the right option for you.

    Choosing between Colocation hosting or Dedicated server, entirely depends upon the type of your business, your web needs, budget and the overall IT strategy of the enterprise.

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