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Demystifying Bare Metal Servers


To help you with an introduction, Bare Metal Servers are fully-dedicated servers rendering maximum performance through a secure, single tenancy.

Earlier, workloads ran via Bare Metals in the days of monolithic applications and on-premises server rooms. Today, they are still among the well-established data management models on the market. In line with this, there are customisable alternatives available through an array of cores, versatile storage, extensive memory, and more.

What are Bare Metal Servers?

A Bare Metal is a single-tenant server. In the last thirty years, servers have become integral to business operations. The type of servers deployed by your business determines the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and customer experience and satisfaction. These factors are crucial to the success indicators in any industry. Today, more than ever, data management solutions are deemed a vital part of this predicament.

A Bare Metal Server is a piece of physical infrastructure that gets assigned to a single client. What this means is that only you take the resources from the server; it belongs to you and you only. While the Cloud model has multiple users (multi-tenancy) on the same server, a Bare Metal has only one customer.

The way they work is that they comprise of single or multiple racks. The rack(s) then get populated by nodes that meet the data management demands of the company wherein the server gets installed.

Why Deploy Bare Metal Servers?

A competent and proactive IT team further lends an efficient and relatively cost-effective data management solution for the enterprise. This enables peak performance without sacrificing budget-friendliness.

  1. Stability Of Traffic And Usage

    There are several benefits of deploying Bare Metal Servers. First, it is a private network of sorts, allowing only a single user or client. This helps alleviate the noisy neighbour effect i.e. a user impeding the stability and performance of other users within the same server setup. This means, with a Bare Metal setup, there is no impact on performance and stability due to other users.

    Bare Metal solutions enable clients to lease hardware from providers to use as per their requirements. Doing so diverges significantly from virtual servers, wherein multiple and different software applications operate on the same piece of hardware. Bare Metal Servers can further run any amount of load by the client and have multiple users within an enterprise. However, the hardware remains dedicated exclusively to the organisation renting it.

  2. Excellent Performance

    Bare Metals enable unparalleled performance. The ability to customise the servers enables users to integrate a higher processing power, storage space, and bandwidth. This sanctions the organisation to continue to operate at peak efficiency, be it day or night.

    Practically, all the users experience as little difficulty as possible, allowing the work to flow smoothly without any added obstacles to performance or productivity. This is a prevailing factor for large organisations that usually witness significant wastage in downtime.

  3. Enhanced Security

    Another benefit of Bare Metal Servers is the increased isolation and enhanced security. The servers consist of a physical, on-site rather than a virtual machine. With this, IT teams can monitor and control additions as well as alterations as required. The complete discretion and control over server usage and accessibility prevent data breaches and potential cyber attacks.

  4. Unparalleled Scalability

    Bare Metal Servers offer maximum customisability and scalability. The servers render complete control of the setup and a detailed view of performance along with usage analytics for effective optimisation of the server infrastructure. The result? The enterprise attains an optimum balance in specifications and cost.

Choosing The Right Bare Metal Server Provider

Bare Metals have more to offer when hosted in a Colocation Data Center facility rather than in an on-premises setup. Plus, offering easy-to-deploy and easy-to-scale infrastructure enables Colocation providers to carve out a niche that is deemed advantageous over Public Clouds and on-premises Data Centres.

A Bare Metal Colocation deploys workloads directly on servers with no virtualisation involved. This maximises their effectiveness and usability in the short as well as long term. Furthermore, the discretion of control ensures unprecedented security.

Web Werks - India’s leading Data Center services provider offers a robust all-in-one platform called Web Werks VMX to centrally manage all your applications, data, and Cloud services. Web Werks VMX builds a secure infrastructure at a low cost with its connected Bare Metal Cloud service. The platform assures flexible storage unlimited traffic, and optimum anti-DDoS technology to ensure utmost security from sophisticated attacks.

Offered as a fully custom-configured or as a modular on-demand solution, Web Werks’s Bare Metal Servers include a dedicated CPU with the latest processors, up to 1 TB RAM, NVMe storage, and increased disk I/O for consistent networking and better control than virtual servers.

An enterprise-class Cloud infrastructure suite, Web Werks VMX is inherently designed to withstand the most demanding workloads, requiring a secure and compliant operational framework (PCI-DSS and HIPAA certified infrastructure) with in-built benefits for networking and storage.

Web Werks Data Centers offer a choice of network partners for better throughput and low latency, backed by a superior system performance that instantly delivers data to business applications. Organisations can also choose from a broad range of IP transit providers, peering exchanges, Cloud-on-ramp services, metro connectivity, and physical as well as virtual cross-connects.

To learn how Web Werks’s Bare Metals can accelerate your organisation’s digital transformation, please visit or get in touch with us at ‌‌ +91 8828 335 555.

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