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Dedicated Servers :- Is it still a platform for new age?


Dedicated server hosting allows leasing of a server and its computing resources to only one user, without any sharing. This is why it is called "Dedicated"

Although, in this computing age, there are several web hosting options available, but since they have shared resources, they come with some stipulations and limitations which impact the speed and security. But when we talk about dedicated servers, it is devoted to one user. In simple words, no component or resource of dedicated server is shared- no sharing of memory, hard drive space, processing power or bandwidth, Also, the user have freedom to personalize the server components, install desired software or even to format and reformat.

For an entrant or a fresh start up, shared hosting is quite an inexpensive option, considering the fact of low traffic on websites and lesser web activities. But if the objective is rapid growth, there will soon be heavy website traffic. The moment it happens, the user will realize the limitation of shared web hosting and the need to switch to the dedicated server.

However, the selection of server depends upon the user requirements, based on various factors like scale of business operations, budget etc. But undoubtedly, the advantages of a Dedicated Hosting Service are far much beneficial than that of other hosting services. If an organization strives for quality and wants the best efficiency dedicated server is the perfect choice.

Advantages of Dedicated Server
  • High Performance Guaranteed Dedicated hosting service does not share its components including processor power or hard disk space, which keeps the server running freely and quickly (without any unwanted external traffic) unlike limited access to bandwidth and other resources in shared hosting. The user can even allocate additional memory to the server to meet the web needs. All this leads to an enhanced performance.
  • Fully Secured: All the users data and resources are completely secured with Dedicated hosting services as there is no other party has access on the same server. Moreover, the user has the freedom to tighten the security as he has got complete access and authority on the server and its resources.
  • Extremely Reliable: There is no traffic issues, slow website, site crashed as is the case with shared server. There is no risk of any interruption because of any unwanted traffic.
  • Freedom to Customization: Right from adding more memory, to tightening or loosening the security strings to even installing desired software, Dedicated Hosting service comes with freedom to customization. Dedicated hosting with authority to exercise full control gives the user a smooth, quick and hassle free web hosting service.

So, with all its unparalleled advantages, Dedicated Service Hosting is the perfect platform for new age and will always be the same for future to come!

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