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Dedicated Servers Explained


Dedicated servers can be explained as one of the finest web hosting option for the enterprises which experience heavy web traffic and need exclusive and extended web hosting resources in terms of storage, memory, hard disk, even customized security applications and protocols etc. unlike other shared hosting options.

The dedicated servers is the web hosting service where an entire server is leased to an individual client, at non-sharing basis. The dedicated server is exclusively reserved to cater to the web needs of one single client.

Here are the benefits of dedicated server discussed in detail
  • Very Reliable: As discussed earlier, dedicated server is not shared with anyone. So there is shared traffic on shared resources. It makes the dedicated server a reliable choice for enterprises with heavy web traffic.
  • Highly secured: Web hosting options with web hosting companies which offer tier III and tier IV data centers services already comes with secured services. But the levels of security increase all the more with dedicated server because the server is not shared with any other website, hence there is no unwanted traffic or any such threat. Moreover, the user can customize and push the security buttons and firewall settings, allowing what is useful and disavowing what is not required.
  • Complete Control: The user has complete control over their dedicated server. They have the full authority to install any application, software and any specific program of their choice.
  • Fast Performance: The speed is unmatched with dedicated server due to the fact that the processing speed is not shared neither the RAM and other server resource is shared, delivering incredible speed and website performance.
  • Scalable: The resources in the dedicated server can be increased any moment. The user can add memory, processing RAM, disk space and other such resources whenever required for increased business needs.
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