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Dedicated server Reseller Programs: Things You Must Know


Entrepreneurship is budding and spreading as many people are now interested in taking up a business and create a niche. We can see around there are many small businesses cropping up- few struggling, some doing great and many running exceptionally well. And you may be surprised to know that most of such businesses are running without any website. They can make amazing revenue by coming up with their well-designed websites, especially with e-commerce gaining so much popularity.

The good news is that the scope for data centers and web hosting industry is broadening and it will bring phenomenal business opportunities for data center services provider and hosting resellers.

Hosting reseller is a great way to start your entrepreneurial journey. You may think that it would require massive investment to offer hosting services. But that is not true. You can start off with web hosting reseller programs, which is designed for selling the dedicated servers, VPS and other data center solutions through resellers. The resellers do not need to invest anything, they just have to sell the services offered by data center providers because reaching out to each of these small prospects is quite non-feasible for data center companies.

So, as resellers, you just need to obtain clients by convincing them about the benefits of hosting services. That’s all. Kindly note that you should only choose good reseller programs.

Here are some features of a great hosting reseller program:

Innovative offerings: The solutions offered by the dedicated hosting providers should be distinguished and convincing. In simple words, it should be easy to sell. Above all, the company should be reputed, reliable with state of art infrastructure, full featured plans and excellent customer support.

Competitive price: Price makes a big difference. Customers want the best service in the best price. Only a competitive price can win a deal. So don’t overlook the pricing.

Value-added features: Value added features in the hosting plans will make the offering stand out of clutter and thus sell.

Full Control: As a reseller you must have enough control so that you may not have to rely on the hosting provider for even the smallest of things like signing up of an account.

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