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Dedicated Server adds Benefit to your Blog Business


Having a blog page and posting on it regularly is a great way to boost business because it is an easy platform to connect with your customers and sharing timely relevant information. Secondly, it enhances your business website's SEO rankings. All things considered, it's imperative that your business blog has its own dedicated hosting, like your website. Yes, I agree free hosting services are tempting but, remember free things don’t hold guarantee and can stop functioning at any time. Same goes for the free hosting services. So it is always recommended to have your own dedicated server hosting for your blog. Still not convinced that your business blog needs its own hosting? Here are numerous ways by which dedicated hosting can profit your business blog.

  • Security:You won't think that a business blog would be inclined to cyber-attack, then here is the reality check. All it takes, for instance, is a targeted DDoS attack to cut your blog's server down inconclusively, which can surely affect your SEO ranking. By having your blog on a dedicated server with extra layers of security, you will be assured that your SEO ranking won’t get affected due to the DDoS attack.
  • For Better Experience of your Visitors: When you utilize a free blog host, you don't generally have much in the method for uptime guarantees. Your free hosting server could go down at any point of the time, and there's tragically not much that you can do about it besides sitting tight for the servers to come back up and possibly open a ticket for help. When you have your own dedicated server, you'll have a 100% SLA for their data center’s power and cooling. This implies you have considerably more reliability, which delivers better browsing experience for your blog visitors. Thus, this means they might probably come back to your business blog than they may have been whether they encountered downtime or even slow page loads.
  • Fulfill your needs with Customization: Last but not the least, when you have your business blog on a dedicated server, you can enjoy the customization choices that come along with it. Instead of being fastened to your free blog host's incorporations and helpless before their decisions, you can choose precisely how much bandwidth you require, which different clients can access your blog, and control pretty much some other part of your hosting for a more enjoyable blogging experience. Hope this blog will help to clear the doubts and wishing you are inspired to shift to the dedicated server for your blog.
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