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DCaaS Is The Future of Colocation And Here Are The Reasons


A private IT infrastructure is hard to maintain and organizations have known this for long. For this reason organizations have constantly been on a search of alternative options to meet their data and computational demands. On-premise infrastructures for sure have a lot many benefits but the costs for maintaining them is beyond reach for many smaller organizations or startups. Fortunately for these organizations there are options available like data centers the provide colocation. These data centers will provide the power and the also the control they seek for in an on-premise data center. All this flexibility along with the cost-effectiveness of the cloud. The DCaaS model offered by data centers is proving to be a compelling solution for businesses looking to grow in today’s highly competent markets. Here are all the reasons why DCaaS is the future of Colocation:

  • Cost effective working:Running on-premise IT infrastructure is not child’s play, even if the company plans to operate it’s infra without investing in additional space (squeezing its resources in an existing space) it is quite costly and time consuming to say the least. Also, in-house in-house servers are really not known for their efficiency along with the heavy carbon footprint that they produce. Removing the heavy maintenance of the on-premise IT infrastructures, DCaaS allows for businesses to redirect their funds towards more productive customer engagement activities. Also, business only need to pay for the amount of resources they use if a data center offers pay-as-you-go model. This way business can be assured that they don’t have to take the burden of unused resources, while compromising on business profits.
  • Availability: ‘Downtime’ is one of the most dreaded scenarios for online businesses, because downtime equals financial loss, customer loss and reputation at stake. This is where the uptime guarantee of colocation data centers comes into play. The uptime of data centers is unmatched, on-premise IT infra simply cannot compete with the uptime guarantee that the data center delivers. The setup in data centers is such that the server hosted will never be out of reach of the audience even if there are catastrophes. With DCaaS hybrid and multi-cloud facilities in a colocation data centers there is a combination of backups and redundancies that offer consistent uptime for customers and they never have to be out of business.
  • Scalability: In the case of on-premise IT infrastructure it is not possible to upgrade frequently. The limited space that is available in on-premise infrastructures causes hindrance growth. If businesses don’t have the capacity to expand, they cannot do it, it is as simple as that. One cannot adjust complex resources on claustrophobic places. Colocation data centers on the other hand have the space and also the finances required to upgrade server whenever needed. When partnering with a colocation data center it is easy for businesses to just increase their monthly billing plans and get new improved servers on demand. This is rather simple than investing in heavy resources and later having them outdated to the ever changing IT industry.
  • Security: Security of data is a prime concern with small or even large scale companies. Data centers are equipped with top-notch equipment that provides top-notch security. When collocating with data centers a company get all the benefits that the infrastructure offers. Data centers are incorporated with compliance assurances and follow all regulations of security. When hosting with colocation data centers organizations also get access to these benefits. Companies don’t have to worry about fulfilling any kind of compliance requirements.
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