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Data Centers Adopting Renewable Energy


We all will agree with the point that the use of technology has increased in the past decade. It is still said to be under the bright light in the future as well because of growth in the sectors like the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud storage. This leads to more energy consumption which is not healthy for the environment and expensive for data centers. Henceforth, using a renewable energy is the more smart choice. As per the Data Center Survey conducted by an AFCOM State, 70 percent of IT authorities detailed that the usage of power density in their companies has increased in the past 3 years, among which 26 percent of them depicting it as a critical climb. Therefore, these organizations have been concentrating on more energy efficient approaches to provide power to the data centers. As per the study, 34 percent that had conveyed or intended to deploy a renewable power source inside the following year and a half. Of the ones who had conveyed a sustainable power source, 70 percent utilized solar energy; 50 percent utilized natural gas; 50 percent wind energy; 27 percent water; and 10 percent geothermal. Among all the power source of renewable energy, solar power is a major source. Fitting solar power panels is the step where everything starts. Solar energy, the way things are today, isn't generally sufficiently strong to satisfy the power utilization necessities of a data centers. The speculation required to set up immense photograph voltaic sunlight based boards is enormous and, in light of winning expenses of material and in addition establishment, it takes quite a long while to recuperate ventures.

The purpose behind the long make back the initial investment time frame is the way that, in accordance with the present innovation we approach on the sun oriented power front, the genuine power produced is far less. An establishment of a couple of hundred boards, covering a region of thousands of square feet, for instance, can possibly produce around a few hundred kilowatts of power at best. The ventures for such a task, notwithstanding, sums to around a few million and, considering the power yield, it can without much of a stretch take a few decades to recoup this contributed sum. Cost-viability is, obviously, a factor that is being dealt with, similar to the innovation. The government supports the utilization of solar energy by offering tax breaks to a data center executing it. In spite of the fact that not a commonsense arrangement (yet!), the move is frequently viewed as one that communicates something specific. All things considered, any endeavor at decreasing your carbon impression is welcome and the establishment of sun-powered boards fulfills this, regardless of the possibility that it is on a little scale. The good thing is that as the selection of sunlight based vitality increments, solar panels cost less. If you want to know how data centers are utilizing renewable sources such as water and wind, read our blog title 'Free Cooling in Data Centers: Going Green and Economical'. It talks about how data centers using these resources to keep their data center cool which is not only healthy for the environment and more economical to them.

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