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Data Center Trends to Watch in 2017


Change is bound to happen in the technology domain and we'll see data center making its way through a number of new trends in 2017 including legacy integration, open standards and much more. The trends approaching looks rather challenging, but with the right techniques, data center operators can easily manage everything. Here are a few data center trends expected in 2017, which will help reshape the industry.


As Big Data applications and data analytic tools exist in the IT landscape, in 2017 IT managers are likely to focus more on managing data storage. Organization has already started to use more efficient storage systems by choosing the latest all-flash architectures over the legacy magnetic storage to enhance performance and cut down silos. Moreover, we'll also get to see a range of new techniques such as Non-Volatile Memory Host/NVM Express (NVMe) and 3D XPoint, offering data at DRAM-like speeds but at prices that of flash storage.


Although automation is not a new trend hitting the industries, the upcoming years will be highly disruptive for IT automation as the landscape will swiftly change from opportunistic to systemic implementation. Meanwhile, IT administrators are obsessed with scripting and thus, they need to evolve from simply scripting to deterministic and heuristic design, which is defining workloads for tasks and automating data fed in operations.

Keep up with connectivity

As data center serves as the root to providing applications and services, network closets and micro IT facilities are accelerating both in number and value as internet-connected devices are escalating and remote users demand faster access to data and information. In order to address these specific alterations, enterprises will adapt pre-configured micro data center solutions that offer fast implementation, optimized standardization and better remote management.

Internet of Everything

We never know what devices will be internet-connected in future, but can at least say that most of them are going be connected as the predicted count is 50 Billion devices by 2020. As internet-connected devices escalate along with big data analytics, enterprises will be able to automate and streamline their operations and with that, security will take new turns as well. Internet of Everything doesn't simply mean connectivity or buying more IT equipment, but it has to ensure demand shaping and customer priority tiering. It is more about design an IT facility that can bring change and not simply last longer.

Bimodal IT

Data center managers have done a great job of keeping the servers alive all the while, in all situations. Bimodal IT is all about keeping traditional IT practices running, while simultaneously bringing in innovative new processes without any disruption. Bimodal IT has played its role in making IT team more diverse.

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