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Data Center Services: Hybrid IT Transformation for enterprises


Today, CIOs are challenged by the competition and growing expectations of customers. But from a different perspective, these challenges keep them on their toes to continue innovating new technologies which are further agile and efficient. When Enterprise shifts from traditional legacy technologies to the latest and advanced ones, there are multiple changes all at a once. Experts call this ‘Enterprise Transformation’ a fundamental strategy to deal with a complete business remodeling situation.

CTOs and CIOs need to identify the effects of these bimodal IT operations and manage the effects of enterprise transformation at an operational level as well as at the application layer.

Many experts opine that Cloud solutions offer the best environment for enterprise transformation as it is not only cost-effective, but it also leverages the capabilities of existing architecture. It has accelerated the adoption of cloud by the enterprises. Businesses can opt to move to the cloud or they may even choose to migrate the selected workloads to the cloud.  

Hybrid IT environment: Challenges

Several enterprises have already moved to Hybrid IT systems or they are in the process of doing so. While on the other side, many enterprises are still uncertain and they do not seem to be ready to adopt the Hybrid IT models. In fact, if statistics from a source are to be believed 78% of the organizations are still self-managing their IT operations and 60% of the organizations still function with Windows Server 2003. So, this is another challenge that enterprises want to migrate to the cloud but they have not yet upgraded their infrastructure and processes. They need to understand their business goals and accordingly plan their clearly-defined strategy.

Moreover, businesses need to evaluate their IT infrastructure and consult some data centers or cloud providers to understand the most effective and efficient solutions to meet their business objectives.

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