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Data Center Colocation for Business Disaster Recovery


Every organization understands the value and essentiality of disaster recovery plan and data center colocation is ensuring to meet this requirement of businesses. It doesn’t matter what business you run, as far as it holds all the information that is to remain safe, you definitely require to implement a disaster recovery plan. Researches show that organizations are highly exposed to risk, especially disaster and to avoid major loss they must ensure to do execute the necessary plan.

Data Center Colocation

Instead of setting up your own DR site at an off-site location or outsourcing your needs to a service provider, you can go for data center colocation that offers you a data center wherein you can install your own network, storage and servers. As you are moving your crucial resources, it cut-off overhead expenses and optimize efficiencies.

Some companies still prefer to sign up with disaster recovery services and outsource all their requirements, as it is a more managed option. But they fail to realize that they don’t get complete access to their resources, which they can get with colocation recovery. With colocation, you remain the only person to control your components, so you act proactively and quickly act when a disaster strikes.

In addition, colocation data center is an economical option, as you’ll be paying only for the space that is leased to you.

Examine Security

Because you’ll be shifting your network, servers and storage to a new facility, you must ensure the environment is totally secured. You can do that by personally visiting the site and checking whether every important feature falls into place. For example, evaluate the generators, UPS systems, server rooms, and server farm security. Also, inspect the level of security services such as monitoring, surveillance cameras, technical assistance, etc.

Another thing is to locate your resources at the closest location possible, as you can reach the spot immediately if anything ever happens. Or else, you’ll have to travel all the way if you choose a location that is situated far.

To conclude, you now know that there are distinct options available to safeguard your data and information and data center colocation offerings can seamlessly suit your business demands. Just don’t forget to evaluate the service quality of the service provider.

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