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Cyber attacks, thefts and Internet security with Colocation Services


Colocation services are those services which are offered by web hosting providers to locate your server in a robust data center, with modern infrastructure and multi-layered security design. This service is basically for the users who have their own server but they can't afford its maintenance costs because servers require special environmental conditions to function efficiently. Colocating your server in data centers is a cheaper deal than creating such special environment.

Colocation services offer guaranteed security which is not possible at the office or home environment. The data center facilities not only provides space for locating the server but it also offers other services to ensure secured and stable web hosting.

Data centers offer space to the clients willing to colocate their server. This space may range from a small rack to a cage, cabin and even a large room depending upon the varied needs of different enterprises. In exchange of small monthly fees, the user receives excellent web services, along with the advantages of redundant infrastructure, robust server security, 24x7 rapid action support, high server availability etc. These additional benefits make the colocation hosting a highly cost-effective, reliable and preferable choice for many businesses.

Colocation Server Security

The most primary benefit that comes with a colocation plan is the protection from Cyber attacks, thefts and the overall Internet security. Actually the data center services providers have to cater to multiple clients, thus they have the onus of keeping the facility completely full-proof from any kind of cyber attack and any other internet threat.

Web Werks' carrier neutral data centers offer secured colocation services as it uses best firewall protection and CISCO network. Apart from 24x7 network & security monitoring, our Tier III & Tier IV data centers in India have the latest infrastructure and modern security systems. We offer different colocation plans and packages in addition to our professionally managed colocation services.

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