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Cross-connect in Colocation and Dedicated Servers


Colocation services and dedicated servers are the ideal hosting options for the users who do not want to share the resources with any other user and require full control over resources. In Dedicated server hosting environment, web hosting provider devotes an entire server to one particular client with the specified hardware, RAM, bandwidth, storage, memory, and resource configuration as per the needs and demand of the the user. While colocation is the service to colocate the user's own, self-purchased server/servers in the data center facility by allocating required space- cage cabinet or a whole room.

The concept of cross connect is generally used with colocation or dedicated server to enable the users connect to a specific carrier or any third party in the data center.

Cross-connect in Colocation and Dedicated Servers

Before going further, let's understand the concept of cross connect facility. Cross connect is basically a cable within the data center to connect the user's dedicated server or the colocation racks to the third party carrier provider or their own internet providers or any other such connection facility according to the user-specific needs.

Cross connect in Colocation and Dedicated Servers offer a unique blend of network providers, multiple carriers and content service providers, resulting in better performance, flexibility, reduced costs, lower latency and improved redundancy.

Web Werks have 5 carrier neutral data centers, 3 in India and 2 in US. All our data centers are carrier neutral facilities and we offer services from multiple ISPs. We are able to offer uninterrupted network availability, quick and easy cross connection for our co-location and dedicated server clients. The user can easily scale up the cross-connect options according to the growing business needs. Our cross-connect options include:

  • Fiber-based Cross connect services
  • Copper Cross Connect services
  • Coax based cross connect services
  • POTS based cross-connect services
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