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Cost Benefits of Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)


One of the most popular cloud service models is Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service. Here, the user is offered with virtualized computing resources over the internet. With the constant technological innovations and transformations, infrastructure becomes obsolete very soon. To match the pace of these innovations and the competition, Cloud service model of Infrastructure as a service comes as a savior for many users. In fact, it’s an ideal option for many enterprises who are looking out for economic cloud solutions for effective business results.

Cost Benefits of Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Infrastructure in IaaS includes physical computing resources, virtual machines, scaling, backup, security etc. Further, additional resources like VM disk image library, firewalls, load balancers IP addresses etc. are also offered by the IaaS cloud providers. Basically, on-demand IaaS cloud solutions are offered to the users based on their business requirements and they are allowed to pay as per use. Cost is completely calculated on utility computing basis.

The cost of infrastructure is low as it follows pay-as-you-go model for billing the services. In addition to its lower costs, the enterprises do not need to buy more capacity as the cloud solutions providers can quickly scale the IaaS resources according to the changes in the business demands. In IaaS cloud model, the users maintain the operating system and applications software.

Another economic benefit of IaaS cloud model is that there no frilly costs attached to it, such as fixed monthly fees or any annual charges, bandwidth usage charges or any such minimum service bond etc.

Cloud IaaS model is the perfect solution for the small enterprises which don’t have huge IT infrastructure and need few IT staff to manage such IT operations. If you are developing a new software product, then hosting and testing the application through IaaS cloud will be the most cost effective way. When the software is tested and ready to be used, it can be migrated from an IaaS environment to some advanced deployment.

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