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Converged Infrastructure for Data Center Modernization


Transformation is a phase of every business, and organizations need to respond to the challenges of digitization, especially those dealing or relying mainly on technology such as data centers if they want to secure their position in the industry. The advancement in the digital world has changed the big picture of the market, and this kind of business disruption is expected to continue as long as organization persists implementing new technology solutions that enables them to modernize their business operations.

IDC foresee that the disruptive influence of digital evolution will hit mostly every business vertical in the market. While the evolution will continue to impact the organizations, CEOs will prefer involving transformation as a part of their growth and profit strategies, which will then function to attract IT investments from those that support digitization.

However, market research firm McKinsey & Company argues that instead of simply focusing on automating existing business processes, organizations must include other innovative data center services such as techniques that can reduce the amount of steps required to complete a task, cut down a number of documents, control fraud issues, etc. The old set of data models should be modified and overhauled to promote improved decision-making and tracking of performance.

Converged Infrastructure

Converged infrastructures (CI) has played a pivotal role in helping IT departments anticipating to enhance the digitization of organization's business practices. While companies are looking for ways to accelerate performance, and involve integrated converged systems, moving to CI could be the best thing to do. Here's how CI helps IT organizations to address the goals essential for digitization.

  • While working on challenging IT tasks, organizations need not worry about system interruption or failure, or scalability issue because CI allows you scale whenever required effectively. In addition, it also enables shifting resources elsewhere in case your project stops moving forward.

  • IT leaders can deploy CI separately from the existing infrastructure and also provides room for improved without any limitations.

  • The best part being CI eases the process of deployments and combines consolidated management platforms with software-defined models. This cuts down the need to involve a specialist for the management of storage and networking.

  • Most importantly, it helps IT staff to move faster than traditional infrastructure model. Further more, you can also buy and install entire infrastructure customized to address your specific requirements.

Moving all along towards converged infrastructure can be somewhat disruptive but in the end this, what you're looking for to achieve the desired transformation and digitization in the short run.

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