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Content Delivery Network Services by Web Werks


Content Delivery Network abbreviated as CDN helps in fast uploading of content even on heavy traffic websites, delivering high availability and optimized web performance. CDN accounts for a major portion of internet content including text, scripts, graphics, documents, image, media files, social media and software. It enables improved speed easing out the webpage functions and quick response to users' requests.

How does Content Delivery Network function?

Content Delivery Network is a large system of distributed networks that are deployed in different data centers over the internet. It delivers the web content depending upon the geographical location of the user. The nearest server to the user's location quickly responds to the query.

In Content Delivery Network web content is copied strategically over a network of servers, with the cache of the webpage content. On getting a user request/query, the CDN sends the query from the source server to the server in the CDN which is closest to the user's location, delivering the cached content. This way CDN offers fast speed with enhanced efficient and performance.

Why Choose Web Werks for Content Delivery Network Services?

With Web Werks, Content Delivery Network is convenient as we offer customization options. The user is free to select estimated monthly usage, choose from our 5 strategic data center locations, set a budget, service quality level etc. You can also opt for our global package by contacting us at

Moreover, Web Werks has its data center service networked in Hyderabad and in Bangalore with its closely state of art data centers in Pune and Mumbai. We also have world class data centers in US- at Philadelphia and Conshohocken. Our clients are spread across the world including UK, US, UAE, Canada, Hong Kong. Our client-base also includes many fortune 500 companies, government organizations and large corporate. Web Werks offers reliable, cost-effective and efficient Content Delivery Network services.

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