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Content Delivery Network Services For Enhanced Web Performance


When selecting a data center service provider for your web hosting and other related IT requirements, it is essential to look into other criteria and ensure that it addresses every needs. While security remains to be a top concern among business verticals, there are many other aspects that IT managers need to focus on such as web performance. Several prospects play a part in improving the efficiency of a website and crucial one is website speed. Caching is essential as it ultimately determines the performance of a website and there are a number of features that needs to be considered, especially RAM and configurations.

Let's take a look at how dedicated server and virtual private cloud hosting differ in terms of RAM and how these distinct features can impact the potentials of caching and web performance.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is popular among the hosting industry and one of the most used services due to its cost-effectiveness. However, the common issues that leads to latency issues is because it hosts a large number of websites on an individual web server and resources allotted are distributed among all the users. The speed and performance of shared hosting relies on the amount of RAM and the types of storage offered. In such case, you won't be able to gain solid resources or power-user access and the minimum you can expect of the server is 200MB of RAM combined with SSD storage.

Dedicated & Virtual Private Cloud Hosting

When it comes to caching, dedicated hosting and VPS hosting are potentially similar type of hosting as both offer power-user access to single resources.

As dedicated hosting provides sole access to the server via Linux or Windows administrative panel, you must probably go for large amount of RAM and SSD storage. SSD storage will be responsible for powering your database and web storage to enhance the speed, however, it will depend on distinct configurations to use your RAM to provide the webpages. Same goes for VPS hosting; the amount of RAM and the type of storage will define the website speed.

Using CDN for faster performance

With all the latency issues, an add-on product to your hosting solution can be a great way to speed up your website. Content Delivery Network (CDN) service is a network of servers delivery web pages and web content depending on the geographic location of the user. For instance, if you're in India attempting to access data from a US-based website, you'll be able to gain access rather quickly if it is based on content delivery server.

CDN is one of the most effective way to enhance load time and it tends to save great deal of time by caching images, videos and uploaded files, and more. However, make sure you choose a CDN service provider wisely and so that you can reap the most of it.

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