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Containerization to Secure Mobile devices


With the invention of highly efficient mobile devices, employees are more inclined to work from home or from places other than office. But with that comes the need for quick data access and better network connections whenever they need it. Employees are so obsessed with their devices that they not working with them, they are actually living on them. However, the problem arises when the security of these devices is not taken care of.

No organization can afford security breach and what matters the most here is sealing the gaps with finest security products.


Of all the other approaches to securing mobile devices such as firewall, anti-virus, etc., containerization stands as a different security technique. Takling about containerization, it is a solution that tends to refer to the security policies between virtual instances but, if we take into account the basic idea of practically disseminating network features by implementing boundaries between them, we tend to see the scope of security advantages.

End-users and servers all become contained within zones, and each has its own set of rules restricting the amount of jobs that can be processed. For instance, a server may only be allowed to talk to some specific ports. So if one area is compromise, it doesn't have the capability to go on and affect other areas. This means that threat can be contained and other areas can be maintained secure.

So the idea here is that if you apply this technique to mobile of BYOD devices, we could be able to instantly reduce the risk.

Network access controls on external devices mean they can be isolated in a safe and segregated VLAN environment where they can be analyzed for software versions, anti-virus instances etc. until client is contended that they meet the necessary security requirements.

Thus, a feature of containerisation can be deployed within mobile devices. Secure virtual work area mean any downloaded documents are located within virtual memory and quickly removed when the document is closed down. Users can therefore access the data they need via their mobile device, but it becomes difficult for anyone else to get through the data should that device be stolen.

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