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The concept of server hosting in US than in India - A myth or a fact.


Web Hosting clients in India always get into dilemma when it comes to choosing between US hosting or India-based hosting services. More than often, people are recommended to choose US hosting in comparison to hosting at data centers in India.

Actually, there are many advantages and disadvantages of both hosting locations. Knowing them in contrast can help enterprises in making prudent decision for the hosting locations.

Advantages of US Servers

  • Economical Prices: Enormous demand for web hosting services in the USA is the reason behind highly economical prices of hosting in US location than compared to that of hosting services of data centers India. But there seems to be better movement with economical pricing in India.
  • Lower tax rates: US hosting services are governed with lower tax rates, pulling down the prices and adding more to the ROI for web hosting customers.
  • Lower bandwidth and data center costs: Compared to that of India, the costs for data center and even the price of bandwidth are low in case of US hosting location, again because of higher economy of scale.

Disadvantages of US location Servers

  • Tell Support: Tell-support is not so conducive due to the high rates of international call charges
  • Currency factor: Although the server hosting rates are far cheaper for US servers than that of Indian server, but the rapid appreciation rate of US dollars have made the paying price higher when compared to paying in rupees.
  • Distance: If the target audience is Indian, hosting in US will comparatively take more time in website loading.

Advantages of hosting in data centers India

  • Local Server advantage: Hosting in India will give the client a local server advantage. the website will load much faster than that of US hosting, due to the proximity factor.
  • Local language advantage: Technical and maintenance service support in local language is easily understandable. this is only possible with Indian hosting services.
  • Currency factor: Paying in US dollars is a costlier affair than paying in rupees.
  • Freedom: Choosing the data centers in India will give more freedom to the clients on what to allow on their sites.

Disadvantages of server hosting in India

  • Higher tax rate and price: Prices for hosting in India is little costlier than prices of US hosting. And it mounts all the more due to higher tax rates in India.
  • Data center in India: Although, there are futuristic data centers in India with highest standards of build and design, but higher tax rates of equipment make them costlier here. Still, the web hosting providers in India offer services at competitive prices.

The cost and performance analysis for both the server locations-India and US, will help the clients decide the perfect hosting location for them. However, if you are using CDN network services, location of server doesn't matter much, because with CDN, all your data is copied and stored at each main terminal nodes allowing speedy access to data without any relaying gap.

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