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Comparison of Network routes in India v/s Global and where does it need improvement


Network Routers- An Introduction

Internet communication takes place in the form of data packets. As the name implies, network router is a networking device which channelizes these data packets between different computers on the network. An amazing fact about the routers is that it can address only one device at one time, but since it happens at the lightning fast speed so it seems like all the systems are working all at once. However, in some companies where multiple devices are connected to the same router, few systems may receive slower internet, especially when lots of activities like uploading files, videos, surfing, browsing, emails, IM etc. are happening on different devices at the same time. Enterprise routers are sophisticated and are designed with excellent networking capabilities. They use dynamic routing protocol and latest network mechanisms.

Comparison of Network routes in India vs. Global

Network Routes Globally

Global Router market is expanding at a rapid rate. The major contributing factors for this massive growth are the mushrooming enterprises, residential networks, Ethernet etc. Millions of mobile phone users across the globe, increasing application of online banking, online shopping and rapid increase in overall usage of internet significantly contribute toward the growth and emergence of market opportunities for network routers.

Network Routes in India

According to reputed sources, it has been predicted that the router market in India is going to cross the 550 millions USD by the completion of year 2020. The reason behind this remarkable growth is the increasing rate of router installations in urban and rural India. Cisco is the biggest player in the Indian router market. Government too, is actively participating in this growth with huge capital investments on various projects like National Optical Fiber Network (NOFN), National Fiber Spectrum (NFS) and many more, to encourage the market for growth and development.

Where does India need improvement?

4G services are soon to be launched Pan-India, there is rise in demand for portable routers, increasing social media networking, etc. All these developments pose great opportunities and at the same time hold big challenges. To meet these emerging challenges, Network Router providers need to be competent and reconsider to scale up their capabilities.

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