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Colocation Calculation of Servers, Storage, Hardware Appliances


Colocation server is the perfect choice if you don't want to share server with anyone else and at the same time you have a limited IT budget for your enterprise. Colocation hosting is highly secured and affordable too.

The concept of colocation server goes like this

The user buys/owns the server, i.e. an one-time investment for the business. But the servers need to be stored in special climate conditions. This arises the need for colocating your server in a carrier-neutral data center by renting space for these servers. This space may be a rack, cage, cabin or even a room, depending upon users' scale of operations with latest HVAC technology and world class IT infrastructure. Not only it provides the space for housing your server in the data center facility, but it also offers server security, redundant power supply, network services and 24x7 rapid support. Many data centers in India also provide managed colocation services where your server is completely managed by experienced tech-professionals.

Few of these added advantages are

  • Latest HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) technology for controlled climate conditions and proper ventilation
  • 24x7 rapid action support by a team of trained engineers and learned IT professionals
  • Multi-level security management allows only authorized entry and security techniques include biometric entry, CCTV surveillance, coded access etc. along with trained security staff across the facility
  • N+1 redundant infrastructure

Depending upon the user requirements, the calculation for colocation space, servers, storage, power and other hardware appliances can be very easily done. You should be informed about the rack and power calculation.

Also understand this

Watts=amps x Voltage x power factor

So, if you are looking to buy colocation server, assess its power consumption using RWHOIS where you can enter your requirements as query and receive your answers. It lets you estimate your Colocation costs and expected web hosting ROI.

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