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Cloud Solutions: Advanced Storage Technologies can Change Your Business


Data storage is the most critical issue for enterprises today due to the ascending dependence on internet and internet related services. In fact, very soon, the traditional magnetic storage technologies will become unsustainable in the near future. Therefore, data centers need advanced storage technologies that can be able to accommodate massive volumes of data. What we mean when we say Advanced Storage? Advanced storage is any innovative method to compress large volume of data without consuming extra resources in the data centers. Moreover, it should leverage and optimize the existing resources and infrastructure.

Here is a brief glimpse of some next generation data storage technologies and solutions:

  • Virtualization : Currently, it’s the most popular data hosting solution because it offers high cost efficiency as well greater resource optimization. Virtualization is actually the foundational element of Linux Virtual Private servers, Windows VPS hosting and even virtual cloud servers.
  • Software-defined Storage (SDS) : Another revolutionary technology is SDS solutions, which can help enterprises in meeting their large data storage needs.
  • Deduplication : As the term implies, it eliminates the duplication of data so that there is no unnecessary consumption of resources. It is also known as single-instance storage or intelligent compression.
  • Warehousing data in DNA : Don’t be surprised! You read that right, DNA is the truly the next generation data storage technology. Researchers and technologists have already partnered with IT giants like Amazon and Google for working further on this futuristic data management solution. If sources are to be believed -all the world data including every picture and every music file on each phone, can be stored in just 75 grams of DNA.

These are some of the advanced storage technologies which are answers to combat the data storage and recovery challenges of enterprises. Let our team at Web Werks (Contact us) create a fitting solution that can leverage your IT investments for rapid growth of your business.

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