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Is Cloud More Secure than On-Premise IT services?


And the debate over traditional IT services and public cloud solutions will never end. As the cloud market keeps growing stronger and potential to delivering advanced solution, organizations more inclined than ever to make use of cloud services. When it comes to cloud, not one but we can give a host of reasons why the technology is far better than the legacy IT services.

Many market leaders have stepped up to emphasize the benefits of storing data and applications over cloud and are setting an example of it. Although cloud has proven its value in the digital world, yet there are some IT executive who don't believe in implementing the improved version of technology. This happens as a results of arguments around security and privacy issues that still remains to be a major concern. What's more is that myths play a significant part in demoralizing cloud computing as it states that is is less secure than the traditional IT solutions.

As you don't own or control cloud servers, it builds up a notion that it is insecure because you can't use the server as a fully dedicated one. But the fact is that control has nothing to do with security and besides, studies show that location of the data matters less than accessibility. Moreover, organization that build cloud platforms for business purposes specifically focus on security and governance and making their storage space safer.

So whatever platform you store your data and applications at, it all comes down to one thing which is implementing rigid security layers. Here are a few steps to consider.

  • Determine why you need to implement the security and administration measures and what problems are you attempting to resolve. Unless you are not clear of what you are trying to do with the security instances, you won't have an effective security plan at place. So better evaluate everything beforehand.

  • Secondly, as we mentioned that accessibilty is way crucial than the location, consider taking a closer look at the how the data in the environment is accessed and especially for security loopholes such as path to breach. Most of the breaches occur as a result of system vulnerability irrespective if data is located in cloud or onsite.

  • Lastly, make sure to perform a vulnerability test. It assures you if the systems are secured or unsecured. Never leave any system untested.

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