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Cloud Migration Maximizes Cost Benefits


Does cloud only have cost benefits to offer? Of course no. Cloud is the most hyped topic for a long time now and if you're in the IT field, you probably know what the technology has to offer and how its adoption rate hiked. According to a research firm, nearly 45% of on-premise virtualized operating system instances could run more economically in the cloud, which can lead to 43% annual savings. Let's find out some more financial benefits of cloud migration.

Fully utilized hardware

One of the major benefits of cloud computing contributing significantly to cost-efficiency is high server utilization and managing peaks in workloads. The organization's workloads share server infrastructure with other companies' computing requirements. This further enables the cloud service provider to optimize the hardware requirements of its IT infrastructure, which then tends to work efficiently and thus lowering IT costs.

Efficient hardware utilization tends to use electricity more efficiently, which of course means reduction in cost as well. Most servers on-premise are not used to its full potential and these idle servers consume significant energy. When you use cloud solutions, the service providers charges you considerable less amount for energy usage than you'd be spending on your own IT infrastructure.

No upfront capital cost

When you run your own data center, you have to look after the up-front IT cost. But when you outsource your requirements to cloud service providers, they are the ones that finance the IT infrastructure. You only have to pay for what you use, thus saving a huge amount there.

In addition, When you have your own data center, you have to hire a set of expertise and that is indeed expensive. With cloud services, you don't to invest on hiring IT staff to manage the servers as everything is taken care by the service provider.


In case of in-house data center, organization have to buy more hardware than you actually require for backup purposes and moreover, you'll also have to duplicate most of your files and data. Cloud service providers offer far better resiliency as they have multiple data center location and keep duplicating data frequently. This is far efficient and less expensive way to achieve resiliency.

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