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Cloud Email Hosting - A better understanding


With cloud email hosting the email services are not exclusively stored at a single point server or location. Rather, cloud is all about multiple servers integrated, comprising a cloud. So even if one server fails, the other functioning ones prevent any loss.

  • Reliability: With cloud hosting email, any damage, loss or theft of your device do not have any effect on user's email database. As the data is saved on cloud and not on the device, it is highly secured and extremely reliable. With cloud email hosting, the users can easily share files and edit them anywhere on their web-based devices.
  • Stability: The email data with cloud email hosting is highly secured with lower network latency, so cloud email hosting is highly stable.
  • Cost efficient: Email hosting on cloud is highly affordable because the payment system is based on pay-per-use. Yes, the user only needs to pay for whatever resources he uses. Moreover, cost efficiency also comes from the factor that there is no cloud hosting cost for hardware, software etc. so users need not spend any money on such components.
  • Scalability: Cloud email hosting also offers convenient scaling of resources including email storage, bandwidth depending upon the dynamic business needs.
  • Easy set up and installation: Cloud email hosting is easy to set up by following some simple instructions and by making few changes in the domain's DNS settings.
  • Remote Access: No matter what device you are operating for your email, with cloud hosting you just needs to have the account login details with you and yes a good web connectivity. That's all to access your email data from anywhere anytime.
  • Spam and threat protection: Mail boxes with cloud comes along with spam and threat protection. Moreover, an automatic online back up is created too. Your email data base can be easily restored even on the loss/theft of your smartphone, tab, laptop or ant such device.
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