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Cloud Data Centers is the Future of the Technology


Cloud computing is seen as a technology with great potential to help streamline business processes and for creative data storage. As organizations are moving some or all of their data and applications to the cloud, the adoption of cloud services is increasing at an unprecedented rate. According to the Cisco Global Cloud Index, cloud data center traffic will increase at 14 Zettabyte in 2020, which is a growth of 264% from 2015.

Traditional data centers are being replaced by these high-performance mega facilities that provides data-center-as-a-service to enterprises of all sizes.

On-premise data centers will stay

While organizations are largely migrating to the cloud environment, it doesn't mean that on-site data centers will go to an extinct. Most importantly, IT operators have invested a great deal of financial and human efforts on the IT infrastructure and they won't give up on it so easily because they'll need convincing reasons to move everything to the cloud data center.

Besides, in one of our blog, we mentioned that not every application needs to be moved on the cloud as not all of them are perfect fit to be run on a cloud environment. Running applications on cloud unnecessarily will only increase your IT overhead and thus, organizations need to make an informed decision. As per Upsite technologies, data centers goes from 5 to 15 years between major upgrades and in the interim, IT managers tend to consider certain projects to figure out how cloud solutions can support their existing operations and help their IT infrastructure grow as a technology. The real changes takes place when a data center reaches its end-of-life stage.

The IT industry has driven cloud computing from a developing technology to a more vital scalable and flexible data center solution. As the demand for cloud solutions is increasing, IT operators are improving their data center strategies in order to address the needs of consumers as well as of the businesses.

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