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Cloud Computing Trends Driving Healthcare


Cloud is the modern buzzword, trending in all industry domains and is swiftly adopted across by different business sectors, especially healthcare, which was rather reluctant to upgrading to cloud solutions due to security concerns. Just like other industries, healthcare now sees cloud technology as an opportunity and valuable asset for overcoming health IT challenges.

But what is driving healthcare to adopt the cloud?

Firstly, cloud is way more reliable, cost-effective and efficient. There are also a couple of other trends that are playing a crucial role in bringing healthcare on the cloud such as data archives, which is one of the major reasons behind the transition. Cloud supports big data and healthcare organizations develop a large amount of data daily that specifically includes EHRs (Electric Health Records). With cloud, physicians can archive these data and share it with other physicians for consultation, enabling convenient clinical research and analysis.

Internet of Things is yet another concept that can evolve the healthcare sector. Connecting devices will enable real-time access to patient information. The IoT devices can be attached to patients and the information can be gained through the cloud. The use of integrated devices will help run clinical and business applications effectively and efficiently provided that the security protocols are tightly integrated.

According to researches, 73.4 percent leverage cloud service to support non-clinical functions such as financial, HR and operational applications, while 52.4% cloud applications address clinical requirements.

Will cloud adoption grow in healthcare?

The healthcare sector has significantly migrated to cloud and while they now know the benefits of the technology, they must move their business and clinical applications to the platform where they can run more efficiently. However, these things come down to one thing, which is selecting the right cloud service provider. Well-determined strategy can help you design cloud that will not only streamline clinical and non-clinical operations, but also work effectively across the organization.

With so many advantages, cloud is set to rise even higher in the healthcare industry.

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