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Cloud computing and emerging technologies


Cloud is the latest fad in the market and the fastest emerging technology in the IT domain that provides distinct infrastructures on-demand and pay-as-you-go basis. The uncertain storm of demand for cloud solutions is increasing the pressure on data centers to expand their space to address the emerging needs. The role of IT operators will probably change along with that of clients' cloud-based requirements. Cloud – a popular hosting aspect Cloud service is increasingly becoming popular and due to its myriad of advantages organizations are adopting cloud solutions. When opting cloud solutions, users purchase it as-a-service and not as a product and that what makes cloud different than other hosting types.

Here are a few advantages of cloud solutions.

  • The pay-as-you-go model allows end-users to pay only for the computing resources.
  • Users can scale resources up and down, whenever required.
  • An indicator for measuring the processing time consumed by the web hosting customer's applications.
  • Any new servers can be deployed instantly by the web host.
  • Cloud services offer better uptime than the web hosting services.
  • Users don't have to buy or install hardware or software each time.

The cloud is considered as an approach to develop computer infrastructures and offer services and applications to the customers with virtualized and scalable resources and software resources to be provided as a service. The cloud is also considered as a process of blending the physical computing resources with the Internet networks. Cloud infrastructure can be designed by putting into effect the existing virtualized and clustered methods. The service provider must ensure to use fail over cluster or high availability cluster that guarantees high redundancy and multi-node solutions that can deliver efficient scalable resources. More so, clustered system is one of the most basic requirement of cloud hosting service. Cloud hosting services are mainly based on load-balancing servers, which ensure security against fail over as in case any server is down, the workload is distributed among other instances that takes care of the overall workload. With its multiple computing models and range of business benefits, cloud certainly stands as an emerging platform.

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