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Cloud computing in 2020


One of the trending topics in the IT industry is the Cloud and it has been that way for ages. Ever since the inception of the cloud platform it managed to stay in the hot topic of the IT sector. The cloud became a hit over the years due to its flexibility and ease-of-use. The popularity of Cloud computing in 2020 is ever increasing and the reason is its productivity and data centrality. As for the year two of the most important factors of the cloud will be the security and customization. Here’s what 2020 looks like for the Cloud:

The 5G enabled Hybrid-Cloud & edge computing:

No matter how much we boast about he public cloud, the on-premise data center is not going anytime soon. In contrast about 50% Indian enterprises seem to move towards the hybrid cloud in 2020. The introduction of 5G will also allow businesses to adopt edge as a part of their Hybrid cloud strategy. Hybrid cloud enable with 5G will serve as an aggregation point for most relevant data and back-end functions, whereas edge can support other core functions in real-time. 5G allows edge to provide higher speeds and also provide broader bandwidths to reduce any data latency that occurs from the server to the user. The deployment of 5G on cellular networks will allow hybrid-cloud to increasingly take advantage of it to perform computational tasks at the edge.

Cloud-Native Applications:

Cloud native applications are small and loosely coupled services designed to deliver well-recognized business value. Cloud-native applications are specifically designed to provide consistent development along with automated cloud management across public, private and hybrid clouds. The conquest for making the best cross-platform applications will be the key factor of cloud in 2020. Applications are also being broken down in smaller pieces which will make them even more cost-effective and efficient.

  • Cloud security: As technology advances even more in 2020 there is a dire need for upgraded security. Cloud service providers will have to go past the conventional methods of security to keep from cyber-attacks. CSPs seem to be investing more in multi-factor authentication, threat intelligence and encryption. An improved cloud security will also lift the standard of cloud computing over all. Lesser data breach cases will allow businesses to confidently look forward towards cloud computing in 2020. We also wrote about the Data center trends to watch out for in 2020 where we spoke about the different changes that will be seen in the data center industry in this year.
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