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Cloud are there! But Make Sure they are Raining for You.


Cloud is the most popular technology today and it is considered to be the futuristic solution. Enterprises are migrating to cloud solutions for faster speed, better results, and ample storage and most importantly for its low costs. However, many of them are not much informed about leveraging the cloud solutions for their business. Some of them are even fooled by few cheap web hosts in the name of the cloud.

The landscape of cloud technology is quite vast and cloud solutions are offered in various forms and models such as SaaS (Software-as-a Service), PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service), IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) and there are several as-a-service cloud services. Though ultimately cloud hosting delivers hosted services on the internet with better capabilities for quick provisioning, faster speed, flexibility and scalability.

Many enterprises are hosted on the cloud, but very few in the true sense. The real cloud architecture enables the provisioning of VM in few seconds and is designed to deliver better flexibility, scalability and high availability.

How SMBs can take advantage of Cloud

Cloud can take SMBs at par with their larger competitors in terms of technology. Maybe, they do not get ahead of their larger counterparts but cloud definitely get them to the arena. It doesn’t require huge capital investments neither the network maintenance is complex in the cloud.

Growing popularity has brought in multiple cloud vendors in the hosting industry and SMBs must take advantage of this opportunity without any delay. It will help small enterprises improve their productivity and allow these SMBs to focus on the core business. It may prove to be the turnaround point for the SMBs.

Before you move your business to the cloud, understand the services offered by the cloud providers. Choose your cloud host wisely.

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